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Why Strategosnet?

When faced with long URLs, research has shown that most internet users initially believe the link is spam, so it is easy to see why short URLs appeal to those who want to drive traffic to their site. Your URL is the very first impression your website will make, yet it is something people often overlook.

People have a natural tendency to associate a shorter URL with a more reputable site. When seeing a long string of characters and letters, users may feel apprehensive about the website. Though many legitimate sites have long URLs users still associate legitimacy with a shortened URL.

Shortened URLs are easier to remember, making advertising or distribution more effective. A shortened URL makes it easier to copy from a print source, or anytime you may have to type in a link instead of clicking. A shortened URL has a higher chance of becoming a permalink. (A permalink is an URL that is intended to not change in the future)

Shortened URLs are more aesthetically pleasing. Shortening a URL lets you mask unnecessary information. Twitter and some other services limit character length, so a shortened URL makes it easier to share across any platform. In-depth research analysis shows that shorter URLs are shared more frequently, compared to comparable sites or pages with long URLs.

The process of redirection behind URL shortening can be complicated. Use a trusted source like Strategosnet to avoid complications. Some URL shorteners provide very limited custom domains, and others will not work with your domain. The free service at Strategosnet delivers a quick, easy and free way to generate a shorter URL for your site. The process for URL shortening is reliable and secure, so you can safely generate a better URL.